How to Learn Spanish in the Car While Driving

It is time to take up a hobby.  You are going on vacation to Spain.  Your significant other is of Spanish descent and the language is frequently used in her family.  Maybe, you just want to participate in a new activity to increase your knowledge and understanding of a different culture.

All of these are good reasons to embark on the path of taking Spanish lessons. As we grow older, sometimes the desire to acquire new interesting knowledge is no longer present. We have lost the edge we had when we were in school. It is no longer a top priority to study and learn. This should not be the case. It should be our goal in life to learn something new and exciting each and every day. You never know when the knowledge may come in handy. Later in life, you may be involved in a business venture that deals extensively with partners in Spain. How great would it be if you could converse with them fluently in their own language? They would be so impressed, not to mention how the boss will look at you going forward. A quick and easy solution to learning Spanish may be to use audio CDs and learn Spanish in your car.

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Why in Your Car?

There are so many viable alternatives to learning another language. If you are still in school, you may be forced to take Spanish as a requirement to graduate. In college, you may elect to take courses in Spanish to fill out your curriculum. If you are no longer an active student, you can enroll in the local community college and take a course on Spanish or even a short program at the Learning Annex. If you prefer a more private setting, you can hire a professional tutor. If your family has a Spanish background, you may be able to learn from a relative, or even Spanish radio or television. There are a multitude of online programs that will guide you through a series of lessons in Spanish. These all take time and dedication to sit and participate in the lessons to learn Spanish.

A different option may be audio CDs. You have a hectic schedule. The kids need to be picked up from school, taken to soccer practice, and then swimming lessons. You have long, arduous days at work which leave you exhausted and in no mood to sit in a classroom or in front of your computer, especially participating in Spanish lessons.

So if the desire to learn is present, how do you fit the time into your schedule to take Spanish lessons? Well, you go maximize your commute. If you have a job which is a long drive from home, why not use that time for educational purposes? Sure, you can listen to the same traffic and weather reports day after day. The sports talk shows drone on about the most inane and useless information every morning and evening. Music is no longer as exciting and enjoyable, especially the stuff repeatedly played on the local stations. So, pop in a CD and learn Spanish.

Learning on the Road

You have extra time that you never realized that you had as you drive to work or anywhere else. You identify that time as driving, meaning you think it is the only activity that you can participate in, or the only goal you can accomplish. That is not the case. Use your time wisely, and you will be on your way to learning Spanish.

One huge benefit of the audio CDs is that they concentrate on the spoken word. You will hear the differences in the tone, structure, and usage of words as actually spoken in daily situations. Your focus will be on verbal communication, enhancing your quick understanding of the language. There are no textbooks, no written tests or quizzes. Your self-imposed grading system is what sounds right to you as you speak the language. Learning a language is easiest when you practice on a daily basis. In your car, with no audience you can practice for hours. The pace is at your own discretion. You can go through each lesson as fast as you want, are as slow as necessary for you to achieve your desired goals.

While driving, not only will you be consciously speaking Spanish, but unconsciously you will be absorbing a lot of new information that will speed up the time it takes to master the language. The process is less complicated than if you were take an actual course in a classroom or online. The best thing may be your ability to control the length of each lesson. You can do it throughout you whole commute, or if you want, cut it short one day, knowing you can come back to the exact same spot on your ride home.

The Choice is Yours

There are many good options for audio CDs to learn Spanish. You can purchase textbooks on CD which are a more structured learning environment. You can buy an individual’s course on CD to get an idea of the classroom setting. It is a very personalized decision. You need to weigh the positives and negatives of all the different programs and decide which one fits your needs. Various factors include features, price, and who is presenting the lessons.

The voice on the CD is a very important factor. If you are unable to listen than it is irrelevant what is being taught because you will never finish any lessons. You need someone you enjoy listening to, no matter the length of time. If you are not engaged by the speaker, you will not be engaged in the topic.

Price is always a consideration and there are a lot of low cost options that make it a very viable option. But, you cannot be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere when learning Spanish in your car. You will find yourself slipping and failing to keep up with the lessons every day. To learn a language takes dedication and effort, even in as simple an environment as your car.

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