Rocket Spanish Review – Does It Really Help You Learn Spanish?

There are many things you can do that will increase your enjoyment of life, and many activities that can be very fulfilling. One is learning a new language, like Spanish. You may decide to travel as a new hobby. And if you do, a better way to visit foreign countries is to be fluent in the native language. Your job may have business contacts in Spanish speaking nations. It would be a great boost for your career to learn the language and make your business partners feel more at ease as you conduct transactions. If you come from a Spanish background or your significant other has a Spanish heritage, there is a good chance that the language will be spoken frequently at home. If you become fluent, family dinners will be so much more pleasant. Or, you just may simply want to expand your knowledge about a different culture, and learning the language is a good start. Whatever your reasons, there are many helpful aids to make your task a little easier. One of the best may be the Rocket Spanish program. Let us review the product.

Rocket Spanish program

A Plethora of Learning Choices

Once the decision is made to learn a new language, you have a number of good alternatives to explore that will help you accomplish your goal. In high school we were forced to take a language course as part of the curriculum. In college, one of the options to fulfill graduation requirements was to take a language course. Continuing along those lines, you can enroll in a class at the local community college, or even take a program at the Learning annex. You can hire a private tutor to give you one on one lesson. Or, maybe utilize your family members to instruct you in the language. If it is spoken at home, you may also have access to Spanish radio and television. These may be good ways to absorb the language. There are also a number of good programs offered online. You can download software or take lessons through a website. Rocket Spanish is one of these alternatives to consider.

Understanding Your Study Habits

Before choosing the appropriate method you must identify what is the best way for you to learn. Do you require the structure of a classroom? If not, how do you learn? Some people need textbooks and images to reinforce the subject matter. Others need to listen to audio clips to enhance their grasp of the language. Still, others may require a full immersion into Spanish culture to place language in its proper context. Once you have an understanding of the most effective method to help you learn the language, you can evaluate the available software programs, like Rocket Languages Spanish.

Why Consider Rocket Languages Spanish?

Rocket Spanish is a popular online program for learning the language. They utilize many features to enhance your experience and make it as worthwhile as possible. They offer other languages, but by far their most popular program is Spanish. Some features include the use of video, audio, texts, quizzes and games. The program offers plenty of lessons to work your way through, in addition for extra material you get bonus levels depending on your proficiency. While you read through documents and text, there is an accompanying sound, which enables you to listen as well as read the Spanish language, a huge plus when correlating the words on a page to actual verbal communication. There is a unique feature allowing you the ability to actually record yourself speaking Spanish, and compare it to someone who is fluent in the language. This comparison is extremely helpful in your understanding of nuances. There are interactive games which make the lessons more engaging and fun, not simply a structured classroom style which may become bring and distracting. You have access to an online community where you can practice what you have learned and measure your progress.

Are There Any Cons You Should Know Of?

There are some concerns. Rocket Spanish gives you a great start but in order to get the most out of the language program, it is recommended that you utilize other resources in conjunction to make it highly effective. Whether these are online resources, flash cards, or you need to have books by your side as you take the lessons, an additional source is very beneficial to get the most out of the program.

Another concern is too many of the words and phrases that you learn are focused primarily on what you would need to survive a trip to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country.  This is fine if this is the main purpose for which you are learning Spanish, but if you are paying for the service, you may expect a little more.  That said, however, it does give you practical speech that is used on a regular basis rather than learning useless phrases that don’t get spoken much.

There is feedback from the online forums as well as tests you can take on your own as you progress. Since it is primarily online, you must chart your own progress. You are given the tools and you must decide on your own how successfully you use them.

Finally, in order to get the most of the program, you need to be connected to the internet but this shouldn’t be a real problem for many. Even if connection is not available all the time, you can choose the physical audio version or download the lessons onto your iPod, iPhone, computer or other audio device.

How It Stacks Up Overall

Let’s look at some of the more popular features that may outweigh any of the negatives. The basic lesson proceeds with audio clips. You are given lines of communication between two or three people. You listen to the conversation, and then speak it aloud. This gives you the words in context and gets you using the language very quickly. You get a understating of sentence structure and verbal usage of the words in the language.

After you have listened to the clips, you than record yourself speaking the same words, and take the time to compare how you sound against the native speakers. It is a very interactive way to quickly you speaking Spanish.

After completing a level, you are provided a quiz that allows you to chart you progress.

The Choice is Yours

Before you decide to buy Rocket Spanish, you can always take their free trial for a spin. In addition, you can purchase the actual software, or download it from the website. If you get the full program, you get a bonus including a Beginners Spanish book, vocabulary supplement, conversation charts, and many more extra resources.

They offer a 60-day guarantee, which gives you ample time to put the program through its paces. Rocket Spanish is a good program, and can be very helpful as a learning tool. It is priced quite reasonably and represents good value. It definitely is a program you should consider when learning Spanish.

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